Necessary tips of wall sconces

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Posted on: 03/11/16

1. Necessity pressed
Adhesive bonding effect generated while curing, so during curing of the adhesive, to ensure the adhesion between the adhesive surface, the adhesive effect is guaranteed to produce important condition: this requires the adhesive before curing begins, the adhesive must surface clamping force is applied, at least the contact pressure to be applied. If the curing process, can not maintain the adhesion between the adhesive surface, it is bound to produce voids in the adhesive layer, affecting the bond quality. Appropriate pressing force is applied, the adhesive can be improved the permeability of the surface irregularities, helps form a complete thin and uniform adhesive layer.

Candle Wall Sconces

2. Clamping force size
The type and kind of sticky material and other factors that doctors clamping force size and the adhesive, generally in a wide range of 0.2 ~ 1.5MPa. Pressing time depends on the type of adhesive and curing temperatures. After applying force general is fit or landscapes begin until after the adhesive pressure before removing completely cured or substantially cured.

3. Pressing operational requirements
General requirements for the pressing operation: the pressing force of appropriate size, pressure distribution, pressed long enough, do not make deformation (except in special circumstances) and the like.

candle wall sconce

4. Pressurization method
There are various forms of pressure method on Candle Wall Sconces, to be selected according to the type of trend, shape characteristics and output characteristics selected contact. Commonly used compression methods are pressing lever hammer, spring pressure tickets, multi-block weight Medical tight, tight sand bags area, the air bag cushion, spring pads, autoclave, nail area tight, screw clamps pressed, tight stack zone plate type and other laws.


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