Nature color lamps are most popular

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Posted on: 02/24/16

Furniture and home improvement are tending to trend-oriented, technology as an important element of lighting and furniture, home accessories with each other, also will has changed. Chandeliers, desk, nightstand, lamp head, have been quietly "fade", the color is more colorful, the material has become even more clear, modeling also show the creative ideas are like. In many furniture stores, the exquisite lighting technology seems to attract people's attention more than the furniture has become the protagonist.

Drum Shade Chandelier mostly

According to relevant survey, this year's lighting technology, Drum Shade Chandelier mostly to create a colorful feeling stressed, those close to nature colors of lighting are especially popular.

With the maturity of the new generation of consumer groups, high literacy of consumers continue to increase the cultural content of lighting design had been greatly improved. Lighting technology set to be in harmony with the furniture, to reflect the cultural heritage of the lighting technology will be very popular. People in the pursuit of comfort and home life, humane solution designed to meet this demand channel, unnecessary and decorative fancy will be eliminated. Whether or furniture lighting technology, used the "people-oriented" concept as the guiding ideology of the design.

Drum Shade Chandelier mostly

Experts believe that in contemporary society, as people's awareness of environmental protection, eco-design and eco-friendly materials production of furniture more and more in the future home decoration, eco-friendly lighting technology will also be more and more use.


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